Fiona Kruger – the little idealistic blond free spirited girl that always said “I want to do everything” when asked “what do you want to become one day?”


I am a qualified foodie that graduated from the Swiss Hotel School and lived in the “Suisse” during my studies – my piece of heaven. I then went on to study Equine science and after my studies returned into the Corporate side of the food industry.

Being a foodie we all like to do some “quality control” aka tasting the entire day so obviously I started evolving into a little bit of a fluffier Fi which after seeing a photo of myself in a bikini shocked me into almost a coma so I did a 12 week transformation and from there on became a bikini competitor.

Career wise I am Currently specializing in healthy eating within the corporate environment which is right up my alley and luckily companies are taking the “health” in health and safety more serious as each day passes on.

My journey so far in the fitness industry and my knowledge in the food industry has been quite interesting and therefore I would love to share my experiences, knowledge, right moves, wrong moves, recipes, and points of view in the blog posts to follow.