Fitness Bikini Competition Prep

comp prep

So the time has come and today marks 6 days before my competition.  Now for a lot of people this is quite a stressful time and I guess it also depends on what else is going on in that competitors life at that moment.

My final decision to compete this year was easy.  At this moment where I am sitting now I truly don’t think that I am in a better condition than last year, but I have gone now almost 3 years living this lifestyle, no yo-yo dieting, no picking up huge amounts of weight in an “off season” and loosing it quickly about 12 weeks before comp.  I have maintained an “on season” (which became my lifestyle) now for the past three years and I have spent a fair amount of money investing in my health.  So why would I not get onto that stage, strut my stuff even tho it terrifies the living hell out of me and celebrate all the effort in one day? Jip I am doing it, no matter what.

It might be kinda ridiculous, but for me the ultimate best part of the day is getting my make up and tan done and finishing it off with my custom made Bikini.  After that I can go home actually.  Every girl loves “dolling” up.

I have never had the opportunity as a child to do pageants (not that I wanted to as I am just too shy, but I regret not doing it now that I am older) and my Matric farewell which was suppose to be another “dolling up” day for me with my designer “Gert Van Der Merwe” dress and shoes was a total mess, as my Boyfriend of 2 years at that time dumped me before the farewell for our Tourism Teacher……which he took to the farewell (I am truly giggling at this now, hilarious.)  And then I never had the opportunity to get married, get my perfect dress, photos, make up ect, so one can say “I am actively working on what I passively suffered”.  Which is good. I like it.

Competing for me is standing up and taking full responsibility for my life for the very first time. I have everything under control such as preventing the regret of not taking part when I am older.  I am in control as long as I do my part I know that it will turn out like I want it to…..up to a point yes, because in actual fact I can not control the judges decisions, and yes I would love to place but there is a lot more to it for me..

For me its being damn proud of myself, celebrating my achievements with or without the approval of anyone.

This sport has given me a confidence that I doubt I would have found anywhere else.

Ok but lets get to the actual prep.  So because I am very petite person I never do cardio throughout the year.  My metabolism is just odd, really weird, and I struggle to put on lean mass therefore I only do weight training.  Other competitors may do fasted cardio during this time and their diet will have major changes in.

So for this comp I have started with only two weeks of cardio prior to the comp, just to “tighten up”.  My meals have not changed at all, even now in my last week, majority of my daily routine is still the same.  All that has changed is my water intake which I am increasing to 4 liters per day, the fact that I did not binge eat the entire weekend and that I am doing 40 minutes of cardio each day, which has really left me exhausted and flat. Other than that all is going well.

 I speak under correction but If you can maintain your shape throughout the year then I think it becomes a lot easier to prep for a comp.

Peak week is not a joke and everyone deals with it differently, mental breakdowns, deciding if you are really going to do it or not, you are exhausted,  you just want to eat anything except whats on your diet, you do not sleep well the night before perhaps due to cramping and on the day of the comp you can hardly move any body part without cramping up not to mention striking a pose looking like you are the happiest person on this earth, (photos below are not how I smile I promise) and I just don’t know what else competitors go through but for the individuals that have not done it before, its not a joke, I am not complaining its just some useless info 😉 just in case it looked easy.

As one of my favorite athletes of all time Marcelle Collison told me while she sprayed me for my first show ,you can take your hat off to anyone that steps onto that stage, whether they place or not. Only a competitor knows what they have gone through, financial limitations, relationship complications, mental obstacles, loss of a support structure ect.

2016-08-21 09.02.11
The combination of sun and pain on my face – cramping….and this is a VERY good excuse to get me some Botox. LOL

My personal opinion to remember in the last week before comp is the fact that you chose to do this.  You and only you made this decision.  So you can not make this last week a nightmare for everyone around you. You can not complain every second of the day about how crap your diet is, how flat you are feeling and complaining the entire time, you wanted to do this, so you better make the best of it with or without cravings and cramps. (“cry on the inside like a winner”)

“anybody can feel good when they have their health their bills to pay and have happy relationships anybody can be positive then anybody can have a larger vision then anybody can have faith under those circumstances.  The real challenge of growth, mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes when you have been knocked down.  It takes courage to act. Part of being hungry when you have been defeated.”


“fear kills dreams, fear kills hope, fear put people in the hospital, fear can age you, fear can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself that you are capable of doing BUT IT WILL PARALYZE YOU”

So let me see what this week holds, it will be different every time I guess and I will be updating the progress as it goes.


Excited much xoxo

Lets do this….


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