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Skinny Fat

One thing that I just could not accept was the fact that I wore a 32 or size 8 my entire life however when I looked at photos I use to be so embarrassed…. to me what I was seeing was just not what I wanted to see. Skinny yet I had cellulite? my bum was as flat as can be and covered in stretch marks.

 I just was not comfortable in a bikini and as that “Fiona” would say “not toned” at all.  It caused such confusion within me.  I could not loose more weight or become smaller and that caused me to feel very hopeless and even more when people could not grasp why I had a low self esteem, I mean “you are so skinny” they would say and to them I may have looked it but I always covered it and they never saw me naked or in swimwear.


Perfectly described as “skinny fat”

What this basically is, is when you have a small frame or are petite but have a lack of muscle.  So you will look skinny but you might have cellulite, or you will have skinny legs and arms but you will have a muffin top.  When a woman sees those dimples  on her upper leg or bum in a mirror or window or the very worst a fitting room mirror they immediately think I am fat I need to loose weight.  I have seen plenty of absolutely gorgeous females constantly dieting and looking so so so skinny but they keep on dieting because they see cellulite.

Unhealthy dieting will result in lack of muscle causing your body to become overall very weak and fragile

Now for a lot of people dieting means: “ill just eat less” or “Ill eat once a day” and that is the very first and most often seen error that I have personally made as well.

You have to firstly understand how your metabolism works and for me the easiest simplest way to explain it is as follows.

When you eat only once or even 3 times per day or less at irregular times your body basically does not know when it will be fed again.  So it takes that meal and it stores it as “fat” because who knows when it will get fed again?  It is in starvation mode.

If you change this and you eat 5 to 6 times per day (every 3 hours) you are not causing confusion within your body.  It basically knows it will be fed in the next three hours so it uses the food you consume and does not store it away as fat. Now this does not mean you can eat as much as you want or what you want every 3 hours. No, the key here is to eat healthier more often.

If you decide I am only going to eat once a day, in the evening, you are starving your body for hours.  What is your body going to use to keep you going the entire day? Its going to start breaking muscle tissue down to give you the energy you require and when you do eat its storing your food as fat and this is the cause of the skinny fat look.

So these gorgeous ladies usually say “I want to get toned” which means I want to firm up, not jiggle, have a perky bum ect ect. But very few realize that it is actually muscle that need to get together with losing the little bit of fat they have.

If you are able to feed your body correctly (enough and healthy foods) do weight training combined with some form of cardio then you will be able to get out of the skinny fat slump.  You will get more shape more curves – a perky bum and be more toned.

skinnyfat 3
left – she is not fat at all and will still look very pleasing in clothing.  As she progresses her bum tightens up, her cellulite reduces and she just looks a lot healthier, stronger and more pleasing to the eye.






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