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Booty 101 – basics of a good glute – activation

So here is my challenge to see if your glutes are activated or to see if you can “engage your hindquarters” ladies. Its easy and can be done at home…..lets do this.


Squeeze your glute with each rep.

You should do a total of 30 reps on each leg and 60 reps on the double leg glute bridge.

How did that feel? If your cheeks are on fire then welldone it worked,if your glutes cramped up and doubled over in pain,then even better! This means that your glutes know how to work properly during movement and you are well on your way to a perky peach.

If your hamstrings or lower back are tight or sore then you need to practice these excersizes daily until you feel your glutes work.

If you feel pain during any of these movements its a bad sign. For example if you have weak glutes you will feel pain in your lower back,if it hurts then don’t do it! Rather do a movement that doesn’t hurt until your glutes are a bit stronger.

So why are my glutes weak? 

The majority of woman are not impressed with the way their hindquarter looks.  Have you ever heard of Gluteal Amnesia… Jip its a real thing and unfortunately the majority of us suffer from Gluteal Amnesia.
The glute is a stubborn muscle that would rather stay dormant and let other muscles do the work.

Walking, using stairs and other daily activities keep our muscles functioning but our glutes need direct hip movement to function to its full extent.

The majority of desk workers don’t get enough gluteal activation on a daily basis.  Sitting for many hours per day damages the glute muscles by firstly shortening the hip flexors which then results in you feeling stiff, having lower back pain and pain in your knees and hips.glute

So the glute on the left is a bad booty which basically just means that it is not very strong and lacks muscle.  The Booty on the right is a strong booty – that is the bubble butt we all prefer to have.

Remember your glutes are the powerhouse of your body and if they are strong any movement done will be improved and it will also prevent injuries.

I do these movements on a daily basis or if I don’t have time I squeeze my glutes while walking (when no one is behind me tho😂) or while washing dishes I extend my leg back and squeeze my bum. So just try activating your glutes a few times per week.

So remember the importance of glute activation is basically to Prevent injury and also activating them for a better looking booty😉

Here is also a link to a very nice short explanation of how cardio and weight training effects your body development.

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