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Lets eat – well dissect and then eat – the follow up on “call it crazy or just call it salad”

The overall impression of the salads at delivery was really good as it was plastic wrapped and in a cup holder to prevent them from falling around and being tampered with after production and during delivery.

The van that it was delivered in was also a proper refrigerated van and to me that is very important. I’ve got this issue with food distribution these days and I always question whether food was delivered in tannie Jacoba’s Toyota Corolla tazz that she took her sick dog to the vet in that morning or whether she likes kitty to come with on each delivery to keep her company. CONTAMINATION ISSUES – thats me.

Besides the good impressions so far, it was personalized – something small like a sticker with your name on really does make a good impression.

You eat with your eyes – we are visual  creatures and even more in this day and age.

I took each salad layer by layer and removed each ingredient. I think the layering of the salads are brilliant.

Everyone is so very different – If I get any burger with a Dill on, I remove it immediately it spoils the entire burger for me but other people love them. Each to there own.

So with the layering of food if there is an ingredient that you are not so fond of you can just keep that out of your salad and enjoy the rest.  The dressings was also in a small tub in the plastic dome lid on top for you to choose if you want to use it or not.

Eat up baby girl

Alrieta’s Strawberry and biltong Salad.

Alrieta’s Strawberry and biltong Salad– So the fun part starts…. I really really don’t like fruit but the visual impression of the biltong and strawberry salad I think drew my attention the most. I opened the strawberry dressing that was on top and was pleased to see and taste that it was genuine strawberry puree that was not tampered with to make it taste better (sugar or sweetener) so I was pleased it is what it is – clean eating.  The rest of the salad surprised me a lot. In one word “Refreshing” with an amazing combination of crunchy baby spinach leaves combined with the chewy biltong topped with the strawberry puree was just an absolute fiesta for these taste buds. At the bottom of the bowl was the cous cous which was clever, as if I did not want to eat my carb, I could just leave it right there and eat the rest, however I love carbs and so it was consumed 😛

Ill eat fruit in this way anytime!


Alrieta’s Smoked Chicken Salad

Alrieta’s Smoked Chicken Salad-Textures – I love! They played around with a lot of textures in all the salads but obviously this one is just a bit more fun.  Spiralized crunchy Zucchini and cucumber topped with tasty Smoked chicken, dark red beetroot with some roasted sun flower seeds and my favorite protein rich carb Quinoa that you can top with a Honey and Mustard Dressing.

Alrieta’s Tuna Salad

Alrieta’s Tuna Salad- For the Die hard bodybuilders or for the comp prep days.  This is a great salad for that.  I’ve been “out tuna’d” so I try to avoid my tuna intake because you know you gonna get that and a lot of that in prep. However this salad got me with the Peacan Nuts – I just love nuts and not to mention the Tartar style Mayo dressing that just finishes everything off perfectly.


Alrieta’s Peppadew and Butternut Steak Salad

Alrieta’s Peppadew and Butternut Steak Salad- Well Well Well what can I say….. Being an Afrikaans farm girl I really love my red meat I mean that is what you where brought up with “vleis, rys en aartappels” right so this one by far is my absolute favorite. Its a hearty salad that gets me very excited.  The Butternut was clearly cooked till the al dente stage which I absolutely love as a lot of people get veggies in salads wrong making it squishy and just “pap” -“yuk”. The beef was tender and the peppadews complimented everything so well. The colors of this salad was just as appealing as the Strawberry salad, and then the balsamic vinaigrette was just the cherry on top. I would also consider heating this salad up on chilli days as a warm salad.

The proof that I found in the pudding.

Presentation –

The overall presentation of all the salads where very good.  It was in clean clear 500ml containers with dome lids for the salad dressings to sit in neatly with professionally made stickers on that explained to you the contents and amounts of each salad.

The colors of each salad was different and not duplicated which was also taken into consideration when layering each cup.

Quality –

I can not explain to you how much salad jumps out of these cups if you place it into a plate.  They really do not skimp on the contents. Its a good meal that will definitely fill you up.  All the products are as fresh as can be. The ingredients they use like strawberries and feta will reveal easily when its not fresh therefore I am almost certain that you will never get a salad that is more than a day old without noticing it.

Practicality –

Tupperware – everyone hates tupperware so here you go. You eat and then you chuck the container away.

The salads over all I think is a brilliant idea for parents, corporates, and travel.  I definitely will be ordering from Cant Flex Fat the next time that I go away as it just reduces the frustration of meal prep and the meals are so neatly assembled that I can easily pack it in a cooler box and eat it whenever and wherever I want to. (without washing dishes) #petpeeve.

Menu planning –

There was no duplication of major ingredients which made each salad unique. Not even the dressings where the same. The colors as previously mentioned was alluring and there where not weird ingredient combinations.

But the thing I love the most is that it was clean – no funny sauces/marinades no spices that you did not know the ingredients of. It is what it is. And I also feel that if you look at the people who created it Alrieta and Burger that they represent their product and I give it an absolute yes for anyone be it just for convenience or for an athlete. Welldone Burger and Alrieta may this be a great success!