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 Call it Crazy or just Call it Salad

Scrolling through IG I see this post of the Fitness Magazine USN Face of Fitness Winner and also WBFF Pro Alrieta De Wet @alrietaq with some salads.  Que the one eyebrow lift smirk and the mmm…She has got my attention.

So being in the food industry I was super curious and a thousand questions ran through my head, what?how?why?this,that. The works. I had to get my hands on this to dissect and see what this is all about, if its done properly, if it works and if its practical – Is it good food?
Impulsive me while I am on the road DM’s Alrieta and she DM’s back asking me for my no. telling me someone will get into contact with me. Not even an hour later Burger the CEO if Cant Flex Fat phones me to get things rolling.  He explains to me the process and there I go.

Super impressed with the response time and the order is placed via there website,payment made for the salads to be delivered the next day.

Early Thursday morning I get a phone call from this friendly bubbly lady advising me of the delivery time – Silvia Valenti.  Very pleased once again about that because I was so excited about this that I would have been watching the window the entire day waiting on my delivery.

The rain was pouring down like you can not imagine (I mean the Vaal dam was 100%full) and here arrives a sopping wet delivery guy with four plastic sealed salads in a cup holder with my name on a sticker AND A SMILE ON HIS FACE.

So service up to now gets a ten out of ten and this just tells me that these people are proud of their products and what they sell.

Before I get to the salads…


So many people ask me if I can give them a meal plan and because I am not a proper nutritionist, dietician or coach unfortunately I cant.  That is the reason I have a coach.  I  also cant I give them mine, as mine is specifically worked out for me as an individual taking into consideration my goals, my body type my lifestyle, body fat % and the fact that I am an bodybuilding athlete that competes.  My meal plan changes weekly depending an a lot of factors, and also ethically I feel that if you consult with a coach that it is disrespectful to share an exclusive service like that with other people.

Placing my order I went through the cant flex website

alrieta-cantI was quite impressed to see that they have meal plans already in place and this is absolutely perfect for me as now I can advise my friends to consider this rather.  They have meal plans to follow for a 12 week challenge and also a 21 Day Super food challenge and they can even prepare your food according to your personalised meal plan from your nutritionist, dietician or coach.

A lot of people start with meal plans but they “jippo” it with some sauce, spice, fat, butter or even just a little bit of sugar or cream during preparation “I mean its only a little bit”.  So for me using a service like what Cant Flex Fat offers has the benefit of eliminating that “jippo” factor and not to mention the convenience of it.

Lets eat – well dissect and then eat