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3 Most important essentials

3 Things that I am obsessed with:

My Hair, as my gran use to say “your hair is your crown princess”

And then my foundation, due to the fact that the Limpopo sun on the farm has taken its toll on this farm girls face a little bit too much.

And Training – off coarse training (rolling my eyes).

I am extremely picky about who and what touches “THE hair”.  Blonde hair in my eyes needs the absolute most TLC. It is so high maintenance and so very expensive.  As we all know most blondes aren’t natural blondes so the regrowth looks terrible and you can’t just go to a shop and buy a box of dye…..hell no….(well you can, if you want yellow hair…eeeeeekkkk) so you really need to find yourself a good hairdresser and invest in good products.

 I’ve always preferred platinum blonde hair and that unfortunately does not come in a box and also not every hair dresser specializes in it.

Luckily I have found a gem of a hair dresser – Sashie, as we call her.  Not only is she an absolute master in platinum blonde hair but she is extremely knowledgeable of hair, how nutrition effects hair and scalp and also does a lot of research on products before using it.  I’ve come to trust that what she uses is only the best.  And we both love Moroccan oil hair products. I am absolutely obsessed with it as detangles my hair, nourishes it and makes it silky soft.


Here is a little insert on what Sashie’s views are on Moroccanoil.

This oil treatment is infused with antioxidant- rich argan oil and shine boosting vitamins. This completely transformative hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine in the hair. Leaving you with nourished, manageable and smooth hair with each use. This a product that everybody needs you get the normal and light oil. Obviously for different types of hair and you can buy them in travel sizes or the normal bottles this product also is a UV protector


  • You can apply this product to wet or dry hair.
  • Apply 1 pump of Moroccan oil to towel dried hair mid lengths to ends and blow dry or let the hair dry natural.
  • Apply on dry hair to tame flyaway’s condition split ends and smooth the hair.
  • Another great way to use this product is to apply 2 drops into your mask treatment at home and leave in for a few minutes. This really gives that extra nourishment the hair needs.


This product is a must on holidays as this really helps the hair not to dry out but keeping it nourished and smooth.

Moroccanoil outshine the rest.


Sasha-lee De vries


Pasquale hairstylist

Woodbridge centre

Glen Marais

Facebook page: Hair by Sashie

Then my foundation, I will wear foundation till the day I die….I go full diva when at the gym, swimming and even river rafting.  I feel that I always need to wear foundation due to hours I have spent in the sun as a child it has resulted in some pigmentation that I am very self conscious about.

I’ve always used top of the range foundations until last year when a friend suggested using the Kryolan dermacolor camouflage cream. A life changer. It covers absolutely everything, it is water proof and since I work in an environment with very high temperatures and then go and train after work I need something that will stick for dear life as I am definitely not a girl that runs to the ladies to touch up her make up 3 times per day, I really don’t have any time to do that.


I use the Kryolan combined with the Kryolan fixing powder which makes it waterproof and last longer and also prevents you from “shining bright like a diamond”.

It’s super affordable and a tub really goes a very long way.

And then last but not least my absolute favorite shoes that I have ever had in my life.

Adidas White Floral ZX Flux. I mean just look at it the floral detail is just amazing on it and so feminine.

When I bought it at first I thought I would have to walk on my hands with these babies because they are white, however somehow they stay clean and the white does not fade or become yellow – absolute quality.


The other day I was chatting to Tam my neighbor over our little brown picket fence just before gym and the Doxies (Dax and Duke) ran right across the Duchesses gorgeous white shoes with their cute little mud covered paws.  Shocked I ran inside, wiped it all off with a wet cloth and it was clean…….I mean like really? White shoes + Mud….. Miracle.

So basically If I was stranded on an Island and could only take three essentials with me, these would be it.