Fitness and Nutrition

The skinny on me

wp-1487613206488.jpgSo in my mid twenties I started going to gym as I lived far from family and friends did not have a tv so I had to do something.
5am Each morning you would find me it the que at 14th Ave Virgin active and 5pm back there in the afternoon rush. I did 1hr cardio in the morning and 1hr weight training in the evenings by myself with no trainer.

One day a personal trainer asked me if I could join his team for the warrior race as he needed more team members and off I went. I was fit and I did it easily,super proud of myself I finished with all my front teeth still in tact.

So afterwards I went to my parents, jumped into the pool to get the dirt off and a photo was taken of me in my bikini. (This is a repetitive thing i’ve noticed. Its always a photo that changes peoples thinking into getting fit) its hard,that photo was hard to look at. I mean I was wearing size 8 clothes,how could it be?

I could not understand why? Why was I so damn “fluffy” I mean I go to gym 2xper day every single day of the week, and I really trained hard.

Well that was the result of bad Nutrition……training harder made me eat more and my mentality was “its fine,I train so hard,I can eat what I want, and I still fit in size 8 clothes,so I am doing fine”.

Well let me tell you all clothes stretch these days,so really can you really use that as a proper benchmark to whether you are picking up weight or losing…well I did,I honestly did…

And this was when reality struck…..

Majority of people that start gym are more overweight after a year of being at gym than when they started.

You can never out train a bad diet

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